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The Savvy Musician Show

Mar 11, 2019

Welcome back to the Savvy Musician Show. Today on the podcast we continue with part two of our interview with John B. Webster, an accomplished tour set designer and builder. In this episode, we continue our conversation about the layering effect that you can achieve by systematically introducing light, color, and haze onto the stage. John explains how to increase the theatricality of your productions to ensure an impactful ending to your show. He sheds light on the safety implications of using pyro on stage and cautions us against those elements that are best avoided and those that should be used sparingly.

For those who favor a romantic atmosphere, John B gives pointers about the types of objects that effectively create that vibe on stage. We discuss the practicality of using LED technology and then jump to the all-important topic of finances. As any successful entrepreneur would do, he reminds us how crucial it is to stay within the budget and to keep tabs on what you are spending on each effect. We learn how lucrative merchandise sales can be on tour and that it’s never too late to adjust a stage element that isn’t working for you. We talk about the visibility of artists during a show and John B. dishes out some helpful tips in this regard. Tune in to hear it all! 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to create a layering effect in your productions
  • Ensuring that your show builds up to a grand finale.
  • How and when to use pyro.
  • Why it is important to always consider safety first!
  • Using candelabras and candles to create a mood.
  • Making the most of LED technology.
  • Respecting your budget.
  • Profiting from merchandise sales.
  • Optimizing your visibility on stage.


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