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The Savvy Musician Show

Apr 2, 2018

Student Interview: Ty Richards


Ty Richards is a father and graphic designer from Austin, TX. Last year he went from having a few Facebook friends to being on the college radio charts.  In this interview Leah talks to Ty about what works, what hasn’t worked, the difficulties of playing live and how to be the most effective with what little time we have.



  • “You have to market in a different way than you normally communicate as an artist. It has to be super clear.”
  • “You aren’t a victim to where you are at. It’s easier to connect with fans than it’s ever been.”
  • “Don’t wait for the stars to align, work with what you have.”
  • “Take in notes in the form of a ‘to do list.’ Take actionable notes.”




05:15 - Performing Live

07:30 - Benefits of going small.
13:00 - Finding and nurturing your audience.  
17:00 - The Payoff
20:00 - The New Music Business

24:19 - Limitations can guide you